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Who am I? Let's get to know me. :)

Short and sweet - I am the mother of three beautiful children with a passion for photography.

Now, the full story - I was born in Baltimore, Maryland a few years ago (cough, cough). I served in the U.S. Army after graduating from Glencoe High School in Glencoe, Alabama in 1991 (my family moved to the area the start of my junior year). While serving in the military, I was privileged to live in many places including Alaska, New York, California and Texas. Throughout it all I have found beauty in my surroundings. After I completed my enlistment and after some growing up - I married a military man and now we reside in Central, Alabama with our three beautiful children. Although I always took photographs of buildings, landscapes and anything else that caught my eye, I began snapping shots of my children during everyday life. Just the tilt of a head, or the glint in the eye, was enough to have me grabbing my camera to catch all those unassuming moments. I have always found the candid moments made for the most realistic reflection of our life through my camera lens. Now, after years of photographing my own children and their friends, I’ve decided to make the leap and make my passion my business. I would love to get to know you and your family as I work hard in catching that “moment” that you can never get back - that “memory” that lasts a life time once recorded on film. I hope that every funny face, dreamy look, and even the back of a head can bring you as much joy as it has me.

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