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Learning and Living...

Man you guys.... Editing photos at home with three children sure has been an adventure! I have had quite a few ups and downs this week. On the up side, cooler weather has brought happier faces on the football field! I've captured more shots this last weekend than I've ever had to edit! So yep. Late nights but glorious ones. It is taking me a while to master Lightroom but I do find it quicker than Photoshop. I'd love to hear your thoughts on editing programs! (PLEASE... never hesitate to shoot me a message if you have a great idea or a piece of creative critisism to offer!) If I could just get this silly program to batch edit when I select my photos, that would be awesome! But I'll figure it out.

OH! I've got an exciting weekend planned! This weekend is the Central Youth's Homecoming! I've been asked to do a few portraits for the players and cheerleaders and I can't wait to see how they turn out! I'm working on expanding my business and am thrilled I am no longer frightened about making that leap... wait... well.... maybe just a bit. I think I am always going to question my work and I think any photographer worth their weight does the same. I just want my clients to walk away with the best possible outcome and that means the best photographs I can give them.

I am so excited you've decided to come with me on this journey. WARNING - my blog may get silly at times. I may need to vent about my children. At the very least, I may beg for adult Hey, I'm just a typical mom, living a typically hectic and wonderful life....

Let's grab the reigns and see what the future holds in store!

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