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It's HOT Out There!

So... Things around my home have been a little crazy! How about you guys? With responsibilities, life sure can get hectic. To top it off, it's HOT outside huh!? Things have slowed down around here for me, but I sure am enjoying some time to take my camera and capture my beautiful surroundings. After all, that is where it all started for me. I really wish everyone could see what I see at times. It's true what they say about "beauty (being) in the eye of the beholder". For instance, where some see a decrepit dead tree covered in moss, I see a weeping beauty that yearns to be noticed. I see the couple from years ago that used her once living branches as a shady spot for a romantic picnic. Take that huge round ball in the sky at night... I see endless possibilities in a universe that screams "BREATHE". A light in the darkness that shines a spotlight on all the darkened and muted landscape below, reminding us that beauty is every where if we just take the time to see it. Where some see a mess needing to be cleaned (and man, I get that! You should see my home right, I see LIFE, LOVE, and UNFORGETABLE MEMORIES.

So, here's what I am getting at.

I get it. NOBODY feels beautiful or even remotely pretty in 90 plus degree weather with sweat being the inevitable ending to an otherwise easy 30 minutes. For sure! But, do you know there is a new trend (or maybe it's an old one that not many know is available) in photography called "Lifestyle Photography"? Did you know we provide that service as well! Are you having a birthday? Going to the water park? Just spending a day cooking up some goodies at home? Those are some precious memories too! Remember what I've talked about on my site in the past? I don't do posed (well, not often). I love the in-the-moment action. I love capturing YOUR beauty when you aren't looking. I love the silly, dirty little faces of children finding joy in every aspect of their small world. I LOVE LIFE!

Just something to think about when you are out and about and you spot a broken down barn or home that nature is on its way to reclaiming. Can you imagine all the happy and beautifully imperfect memories someone once made there? Do you often wish that you capture those moments in your own home while being A PART of them? Let me be the face behind the camera. Let yours be the one enjoying the moment... ahhhh… the moments.

Speaking of moments, time for me to get back to my messy house moment. After all, it doesn't clean itself does it? But man, wouldn't that be an invention! A self-cleaning home! :) We can dream. We should. That's what life is all about....

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