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COVID - It's a thing....

So, unless you've been living under a rock, you know this yucky word COVID. It's affected everyone in some way or fashion. And if you are like me, you're sort of tired of hearing about it. LOL. Yes, but it's scary y'all!

So, how's it affecting things here in my little corner of the world???

Business has been slow to say the least. There are a lot of concerns for family and friends. My family, thus far has escaped This horrible virus (we think - was it a cold or was it memorex, I mean COVID... I think I just gave away my Only one in our family has been required to be tested, and that was my son for his return to college (it was required). Negative, so he can safely return to campus! So at this stage of this pandemic, I thought I may need to get on here and assure my clients of a few things. :)

First - I want you guys to know, I am taking all precautions needed to protect your family and mine! During all of my sessions, even before this pandemic, it has always been my job to keep my distance in capturing your memories. Next - I'm in this to capture your natural selves! I like to stay in the background and be hands off, with minor directions, to ensure I am able to catch you being silly, loving, and sometimes even sad. And last - I am a lifestyle photographer. That is, I like to capture the memories AS THEY HAPPEN with as little orchestration from me as possible. So, trust when I say, I got you! I will continue to do my utmost best to make your session as carefree, and fear free as possible (I do carry my mask with me every where I go and hand sanitizer). Because let's face it... this has been scary regardless of what side of the fence your feelings fall on this subject.

So, business here has been slow... but, I'm hoping to see it pick up soon. I was able to recently get back to photographing with my first wedding of COVID season! Have I ever mentioned I LOVE weddings??? But hey! Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER you guys! Are you ready???? I'm certainly not. I got 3 kids to buy for yet! LOL. I'd venture to say, it is time to get back

to smiling, laughing and enjoying every precious second of life there is! What do you say? Let's get back to having some fun!

Stay safe and keep smiling!

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