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Wow.... Updates, Changes and Life...

To say the last year has been crazy is an understatement. I made a decision a year ago to take some time off to learn a bit more, enjoy my family a bit more and to get back into the medical profession for which I was and am so proud of. Things were on track for me to come back to my passion of photography when WHAM - COVID.

About the time I was ready to come back stronger than ever, our world was hit with this virus. Having been a member of the medical community throughout the years, I've been faced with many viruses, but this one seemed different. This one seemed so.... determined. So, I did what everyone did and buckled down. I was working as a medical assistant in a respiratory/pulmonology clinic when it reared it's ugly head here in the U.S. And then, schools closed. I then had to walk away from that position to home school the kids....

Yeah! Homeschooling... (note sarcasm). I was not cut out to be a teacher you all! LOL. Anyway, we have been making it through just like everyone else. I've seen all our lives change this pass year. Some changes are for the better, some not so much. I'm sure we can all attest to this. BUT, with all that said one change this has brought about that I am truly grateful for, is my determination to focus on the BEAUTY this world has to offer. So, I'm ready to hit the floor running. I'm plowing full steam ahead and this endevour. And I'm ready to do this with all of you beautiful people!

In conclusion... it's time to have some fun again. So let's get to it! Take your time and look around... you will ALWAYS find beauty.

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